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BANDS:  How many times have you had an incredible performance and thought “man, if only we had a recording of that for our demo!”  How may hours have you spent in the studio or rehearsal space trying to record, but getting frustrated because that space lacks the fire you get from performing live in front of an audience? 

Do you want to capture all the energy of that big event, that magical performance, but still have the quality, track separation and control of going to a studio?  NOW YOU CAN.

Using an array of digital multitrack recorders - not computers - we can capture each individual instrument during your live event.  This is not just a “recording off the mixing console” or “mics in the room” - this is independently tracked and individually tailored digitally recorded signals from each instrument and vocalist with top quality microphones and directly inserted lines.

In short, you do what you do best - you play your hearts out, and leave the rest to us.

We discretely capture the magic, and in a very short time - often just a few days and depending on your needs and budget - we hand you a finished demo, give you the individual master tracks for further mastering work on your own, arrange to work with you at a studio for punch-in and corrections or overdubs, or work on complete production with you to complete a finished product.

Ask us about this specialty service, and for references of local and regional bands who we’ve recorded, who’ve turned around to release a CD that is truly the best mix of the high energy of a live event, coupled with the tight control of individualized digital tracking.